The Commodore 64 Book (English Edition) por Imagine Publishing

The Commodore 64 Book (English Edition) por Imagine Publishing

Titulo del libro: The Commodore 64 Book (English Edition)

Autor: Imagine Publishing

Número de páginas: 146 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 17, 2013

Editor: Imagine Publishing

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Imagine Publishing con The Commodore 64 Book (English Edition)

This essential guide to the Commodore is the perfect trip down memory lane. Relive some of the classic games such as Wizball and Ghostbusters, plus in-depth interviews with some of the legendary games developers including Ocean Software and Ben Daglish. Packed with industry insight and amazing facts related to this iconic console, The Commodore 64 Book is the ideal resource for all retro lovers.

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